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JReviews CCK lands on WordPress

The most powerful and flexible Joomla! component on the market has landed on WordPress. It is no secret that we are big fans of JReviews and have developed numerous Joomla! sites with it. Now ClickFWD has ported its popular Joomla! CCK over to the most popular CMS on the planet, giving WordPress that "killer app" that was sorely needed.

Avoiding Search Engine WrathAs any SEO (or inbound marketer as it is being called these days) will tell you, the game has changed. The old tricks for ranking well are no longer valid. Up to around the year 2010, a typical SEO strategy for a new website consisted of no more than the following simple steps:

  1. Get an exact-match keyword domain name
  2. Create as many over-optimized pages as possible, stuffing them with keywords, italics and bold
  3. Buy thousands of linkbacks from link farm services
  4. Sit back and enjoy the instant success

Needless to say, those days are long gone. In today's world a fledging website must put together many aspects of design, content, marketing and optimization into one neat and highly polished package to even be eligible for success. Existing authoritative websites can be a bit more relaxed due to the huge amount of backlinks they tend to have accumulated over the years. That said, the continuing updates to Google and its algorithms mean any website can be a candidate for a penalty at any time. In the past years there is one type of website that has been particularly hard-hit by Google updates: online directories.

Joomla and Wordpress under scrutiny following April's brute-force attacksOn or around April 13th, 2013, the online world witnessed massive brute-force attacks on millions of servers all over the globe. Two specific targets were sites using the Joomla! and Wordpress content management systems. The widespread use of these two popular CMSs make them popular targets for hackers. An unprecedented number of websites were infected with all kinds of trash ranging from a simple "Hacked by So-and-So" to extremely dangerous malware injections that turned once-friendly, informative and innocent websites into spam centers or worse, into de-facto distributors of dangerous viruses.

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why-i-dont-like-free-joomla-extensionsThe fact that the Joomla! CMS is used by millions of websites means that there is a plethora of extensions available. Beware: not all extensions are created equal and many of them are more trouble than they're worth.

How to set up JReviews with Amazon S3 and CloudFront CDNThe powerful Joomla! CCK, reviews and directory script JReviews recently released a new version packed with great new media features. JReviews 2.4 has revolutionized the way in which the popular and feature-rich extension handles media files, including images, videos, music and file attachments. In this tutorial I will show you how to integrate JReviews with Amazon S3 and the CloudFront CDN. One of the new features is integrated remote storage using Amazon S3. Users can now upload media to S3 buckets and store all of the heavy images, files and videos there. This article shows the steps necessary to create an optimized integration between JReviews, S3 and CloudFront.