About Us

Puelo Consulting is an independent consulting firm specializing in web development and investing. We are comprised of a specialized team of experts dedicated to maximizing your profits from online endeavours and foreign real estate investment strategies.

Our company provides the know-how, expertise and dedication necessary to secure a successful future in the world wide web as well as providing investment opportunities in prime real estate in one of the most beautiful, stable and accessible regions of South America: Argentina.

Puelo Consulting provides you with the power of knowledge. Investing in a country as large and diverse as Argentina can present many question marks for the prospective buyer. We are equipped with the experience and contacts necessary to make your dream property become a reality. Our team is made up of ex-patriots who have decided to settle in Argentina. We have already been through many of the ordeals that can present stumbling blocks for a first-time foreign investor, and our experience in this field guarantees that you will enjoy an exciting and life-changing decision in your property search. Puelo Consulting's experts have travelled Argentina extensively and are familiar with every nook and cranny of the country. Investment opportunities are limitless.

Our web development team is on top of the latest developments in web design, including the all-important search engine optimization that will make your website visible to the world and put you firmly on the path to online success. We have extensive experience with the online social marketing tools that are imperitave to succeed in today's competitive online world.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries.