In a time of world economic turmoil, it is more important than ever to protect your wealth. Governments the world over are destroying your savings through monetary inflation and confiscating your wealth with oppressive taxes and regulations. Protecting your assets and savings is a top priority at Puelo Consulting. We offer unparalleled services in investment consulting.

Investing in real estate in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay is a safe and cost-effective way to diversify your portfolio and add security to your long-term investment strategy. Land in the southern cone of South America is accessible and abundant in natural resources. Breathtaking landscapes await the prospective investor, from high class beach resorts and vineyards to productive farmland and virgin alpine resorts surrounded by mountains and shimmering glacial lakes. Liberal property laws and friendly locals ensure that you will seamlessly adapt to life in South America and enjoy everything South American living has to offer, all the while enjoying the unique culture and beautiful and varied geography of the region from your own piece of the southern hemisphere.

Puelo Consulting leads the way in investing in South America by overseeing:

  • Analysis of the client's tastes and preferences
  • Selection of properties satisfying the client's requirements
  • Investigation of titles and/or restrictions on use of the property
  • Reserving the property and initiating the deed transfer
  • Completion